Since moving to the DC area it has been easy to feel lost in the neoclassical and federalist architecture that pervades the area. Many of the firms here still work within those vernaculars. Those who differ seem to err on the side of bland post modern boxes. I decided that there had to be firms in the area who had a more avant-garde/metropolitan sense in their design aesthetic and so I searched through the websites of over 400 firms listed in the Washington, DC / Northern Virginia (NOVA) / Maryland region.

I only looked at architecture firms whose only office is in the DC metro area, and selected those that I felt had a more contemporary/avant-garde design sensibility. I feel that I have achieved my goal of proving that there are small to medium firms in the DC metroplex that focus on creating buildings/spaces that further the architectural dialogue and do not just rehash old building styles for the sake of building.

The following firms are in no particular order.

Geier Brown Renfrow Architects
Robert M Gurnery, FAIA
David Jameson Architect, Inc
Randall Mars Architects
Fox Architects
French Studios
Suzane Reatig Architecture
Schick Goldstein Architects
Bonstra Haresign Architects
Forma Design
Sorg and Associates
Christian Zapatka Architect LLC
Grupo 7
Cunningham Quill
Adamstein & Demetriou Architects
McInturff Architects
Division1 Architects
WAHL Architects, LLC
S27 Architecture
KUBE Architecture PC

While, in my opinion, the firms below are not in the same caliber of design as the previous list, they are worthy of Honorable Mention.

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10 Responses to “Top 24 Architecture Design Firms in the Washington DC area”

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  2. Nice post on firms – found you on a addictomatic search, although FOX should be #1!!! :)

  3. What do you think of Devrouax and Purnell?

    • Their older work strikes me as much more intriguing than their newer projects. It has to do with the purity of the forms used. The more recent work feels a like jumbled masses, and when I see that I always think of Gehry. And there work doesn’t hold up compared to his addressing of forms and space.

      Plus, I’m leery of any firm that refuses to accept employment applications via e-mail. To me that seems to be a spitting into the winds of change.

  4. I hope this information will helps Realtor as well as buyers and sellers in any area throughout the USA.

    Thanks for a good post

  5. Excellent article i am sure that i will come back here soon

  6. A 2yr old post of mine ( has over 1000 hits a month and is #3 on this google search , that CRAZY!

  7. Hey, thanks for the article. I just graduated with my B.Arch and am really considering the DC area as a place to move to and begin my career. Thanks for exposing me to the architecture in DC that is actually worth investigating.

    This article’s now almost 4 years old now – any plans on updating it with any new firms that have moved in?

    • I may update this article, someday.

      Right now, I’ve kind of let this blog hibernate for a while. If I ever do pick it up again I plan on re-visiting this and a couple of other posts.

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